February 9, 2023

Schedule Advising Appointment

My students in the Bailey Scholars Program are required to meet with me at least once a semester, allowing me to support their learning, growth, and goals. But any student who needs an objective ear is welcome to schedule an appointment.

Here’s how you can schedule an appointment with me:

To schedule an appointment to meet with me, go to MSU’s Student Information System:

  1. Login to https://student.msu.edu/
  2. Navigation: Student Homepage > Academic Progress > Advising/Tutoring Appointments
  3. Complete the following fields in the New Appointment section:
    • Category – Select Advising
    • Advising Unit – College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Advising
    • Appointment Reason – select Bailey Scholars Program (0029)
    • Additional Information – must include info as to why you’re making this appointment.  This info helps me prepare for our meeting.
    • Appointment Type – Select Zoom or Phone
  • For Zoom – at the time of your appointment use https://msu.zoom.us/j/7684209265
  • For phone – please list your preferred phone or you can call me at 517-420-1658
  • Select Advisor – Select me (Dustin Petty)
  • Select Day and time – Choose a preferred day and a preferred time from the menu and hit “Select Time”
  • Then Book it!  You should be all set.  You should receive a confirmation email.